10 Facts About Me

Since I am still reasonably new on here I thought I would share some facts about myself so you could get to know me a little better.

1. I am a Coeliac

I was diagnosed Coeliac in 2012 even though I have been sick because of it my whole life. Since starting a gluten free diet I have gained weight (3 stone to be exact – so now I am the correct weight according to my BMI), have so much more energy and don’t get ill every time I eat something.

2. I love travelling

One of my favourite things to do is travel. Even if its within my own country. I enjoy seeing different places and what life is like there. I only wish I could travel more than I currently do.

3. I am Irish

Other Irish people will think this is obvious when they meet me but for some reason anyone from outside Ireland doesn’t normally think that I’m Irish. I think its to do with my accent. I mean, I have reddish blonde hair, blue eyes and freckles… I don’t think I could get any more Irish. But just thought I’d clear that up here as I get asked about it a lot.

4. I passed my driving test the first time

Yeah! I am always very proud when anyone asks when I passed my driving test. I still can’t believe I did it first time as I was a bag of nerves before (I got sick in the bathroom at the test centre and the Instructor had to wait outside for me to finish..). I actually enjoy driving but the test just freaked me out.

5. I love ALL animals

I studied Zoology in University so I have a huge love for creatures big and small. I also love watching any kind of shows about animals. I especially love dogs as I have had amazing relationships with many of them over the years. I always feel happy when in the company of a doggy.

6. I have an obsession with stationary

I keep a Bullet Journal myself so I like to have a variety of supplies to use in it. But sometimes I look at it all and realise I have way too much stuff. I can’t let myself go into stationary shops or stationary aisles in shops because I WILL buy something. Fair enough if I need it but most of the time its because I think its pretty.

7. My hair and nails grow super fast

This is a weird one but its true. I suppose its a good thing though as most people are the opposite. I can chop a lot off of my hair and within a couple of months it will have grown back. I also have to cut my nails every week or sometimes twice a week to keep them at the length which I like. This can be annoying as its not worth getting shellac or gel nails as I’ll have a huge section of regrowth after a week.

8. I am afraid of the sea and vomit

Everyone has fears. Mine are the open ocean and vomit. The ocean terrifies me because of the depth and not knowing what exactly is out there. I’m not particularly good with water anyway but I will attempt to get into a swimming pool. The sea however, forget about it. I have a phobia of vomit, I don’t know if that is common. I think its more the sound a person makes while vomiting that gets to me the most. Most of the time I just run away. So don’t even bother asking me to clean it up.

9. I have pretty bad eye sight

Since the age of 6 I have had to wear glasses. It started out that I had to wear them for watching tv and the blackboard in school but now I need to wear them all the time. My left eye is worse and is my “lazy” eye. My prescription at the moment is – 6.00 for my left eye and – 5.50 for my right. So my glasses are fairly chunky. I wear contacts sometimes but prefer glasses.

10. I am big into promoting Positive Mental Health

Suffering from mental health issues myself I have an understanding of what its like. Over the years I have learned how to deal with it and how speaking about it is so important. Thats why I want to promote this and get rid of the stigma attached to it. From personal experience, talking about what you are feeling can do the world of good so don’t be afraid to say whats going on with you. You will feel so much better afterwards, trust me.

So those are 10 facts about me. I hope this has helped you get to know me a little better. If you have any questions for me please ask away. Also feel free to follow me on my social media accounts.

Bye x


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